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Free Online Webinars and Resources for Families

Witherslack Group
This website offers a variety of events, webinars and resources for parents and professionals. They provide access to a range of SEN specific advice, support and training. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Some recent Webinar titles have included:

  • Managing anxiety around exam results
  • Helping a child with afterschool breakdowns
  • ADHD: Strategies to Support Dysregulated Behaviour
  • Neurodiversity: Building Self-Esteem
  • The relationship between social media & mental health
  • Successful schooling: A parent's guide to the foundation of achievement
  • Autism & Girls
  • Autism & Boys
  • Autism: Strategies for managing anxiety
  • Supporting a child who is refusing to go to school

To access this amazing reosource please copy and paste the link below and explore – webinars can be found by choosing this option on the webpage:

Or go to our schools website SEND Webpage and the Online Parent/Carer Workshops and Support section.

Respect for All, Ambitious in Aspirations, Bold in Actions