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***** Respect for All, Ambitious in Aspirations and Bold in Actions *****

Learning Disability Week

Next week children and staff will be exploring issues as part of Learning Disability week.

Children will focus on looking at myths surrounding disabilities and how we can overcome these. The week also aims to educate, spread awareness, and increase understanding of learning disabilities. This will build on our ongoing curriculum for our children on diversity.

People with learning disabilities are more likely to experience low self-esteem and self-confidence, social exclusion, and bullying that others don’t face, leading to mental health issues. Being diagnosed with a learning disability does not mean a person is not intelligent. It means they need extra support and specialised care to overcome the challenges they face in a particular subject area and learn in their unique way.

If you want to learn more about learning disabilities and how you can help those affected around you, please follow the website links below:

We also have a great deal of information on our school website and through our SEND Team:

During the week we also are welcoming Debra Smith, from Opportunities Together. Debra will be delivering an assembly to our KS2 children and running workshops in some classes on the work her team does in the community for people with learning difficulties and their families.

Respect for All, Ambitious in Aspirations, Bold in Actions