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Parent feedback form (October 2018)

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to our parents evening feedback forms, we really appreciate your input.

Here, as promised, are the results:

1 Was the parents evening informative and worthwhile for you?

100 % of parents who returned forms felt that the parents evening was helpful and useful.

“It`s good to know how my child is progressing and what needs working on to improve”

2 Did the later times help?

100 % of parents who returned forms felt that the later times helped but some time slots still over ran so if more than one child at the school could cause difficulties.

3 Do you prefer meetings in the hall or the classroom?

All parents who responded preferred the meeting to be in the classroom. Parents felt it was much more private and that it was lovely to see the learning environment.

4 What is your impression of the classroom environment?

All parents felt that the classrooms looked lovely

“Classroom and whole school – feels warm, friendly and dynamic”

“Rooms felt very colourful and inspiring”

“wonderful environment promoting children`s participation”

5 What do you think of thumbs up Thursday and what further opportunities wold you like to come into school?

Parent reported they really enjoy thumbs up Thursday and indeed attendance figures are very positive. Parents enjoy seeing the classrooms and being able to chat to staff informally. Obviously some parents are not able to attend and a couple of parents mentioned that this could be an issue for children. However, having spoken to both children and parents it is still seen as a positive initiative for the school and parents wanted to see it continuing.

One parent suggested

“Could we have a tool like the dojo app or a communication book which could be used to discuss something privately?”

This is an interesting idea and one we can look into, if parents do wish to discuss something please be assured that a phone call or email send to the office reaches the class teacher very quickly and will be responded to the same day.

6 Any other feedback you would like to give?

“If there is an issue parents/teachers need to discuss – make these parents evening appointments slightly longer to avoid delays.”

“The school and teachers do a great job”

“Love the coffee mornings it gives parents a much better opportunity to see the children in their working environment”

“Staff present as committed and passionate”


Thank you so much for your feedback, we always welcome your ideas and views.

Respect for All, Ambitious in Aspirations, Bold in Actions