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***** Respect for All, Ambitious in Aspirations and Bold in Actions *****

School Council

Yesterday our wonderful School Council met with the planning department and members of the council regarding the school fence on the KS2 playground.
The children shared with our visitors our hopes for the fence being moved and the ideas we have moving forward if the fence was to be moved and how we would use this space to enhance many aspects of our school life.
The school council really were our children's voice and spoke incredibly well. Our visitors were able to see how passionate the children really are at making a difference at St Georges and could see the benefits of moving the fence back to give us more space.
We were told that they would need to go back and have a further meeting and that they would be in touch in the next few weeks with a possible decision.
We look forward to sharing with you further information a and their decision in due course.
Well done again School council you were AMAZING. We are very proud of you all.

Respect for All, Ambitious in Aspirations, Bold in Actions